On my teaching travels there is often a young dog that is quite simply spectacular.

In short order many are inquiring as to the breeding of the dog causing a line up for duplicate breedings as many would like to have a dog like “that one”.  I always smile and say nothing as I have seen it happen for so many years, both with horses and now with agility dogs, after all, brilliance is eye catching as well as inspiring so who wouldn’t want to take advantage of it?

Truth is, “that” dog or horse does not truly exist by itself.  If that were all it took was to duplicate a breeding the agility rings would be flooded with exceptional dogs ,who by the way, all look alike!

The reality is that it is never that dog, or that horse but rather it is the Right dog, with the Right person, with the Right training and nurturing that allows the magic to happen.   When all the ingredients line up the the result is like magic, viola- there it is but if you skip an ingredient or component you get a totally different outcome.   We all can easily see the magic when everything comes together just don’t be fooled into thinking it is that easy- just buy the breeding.  

At a recent seminar a very nice man with an awesome young dog was told by Bud Huston, “Train, you might get lucky”.

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