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Upcoming Online Courses:

Puppy III  Jump Class

This is a continuation of Puppy Jump Class I and II.  Participants should have completed Puppy I or have cleared participation with Susan.

4 week course

Class Begins:  Friday, April 27th, 2018

Price:  $100.00  per dog


Isolating and training the Tire, Double, Triple, and Board jump

I have always felt badly for dogs that have not had the benefit of having these obstacles taught to them as an isolated obstacle, often the dog meets these jumps for the first time in a sequence and at speed!  This approach can greatly affect the dog's impression of the obstacle in a negative way leaving a lasting problem with how the dog perceives the task.  Any of these obstacles can and should be taught as turning obstacles so that handlers need not feel the need to manage the obstacle.

You would need to have access to these obstacles in order to take this course which will last for one month, working on each obstacle for one week.

You will need for this lesson: 

Tire, Double, Triple and Broad jump


1 wing or wingless jump

4 week course

Class Begins:  Friday, January 5th, 2018

Price:  $100.00  per dog

 Class participation includes 4 weekly assignments  and feedback from me on a 1 minute video you will submit each week of your dog completing them.



Private Lesson:

In a private lesson you will submit a short video, including trial runs.  It is intended for those who want help with specific issues.  The lesson incudes watching video, giving feedback and suggestions for specific work followed by a second video review after the homework has been completed.

Price:  $100.00


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